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Amazing Pain Healer!

One day, a foreign factory worker accidently injured his toe while closing the iron gate at the main entrance. Can you imagine the amount of pain he suffered as the entire nail of his toe was ripped off?

When I first saw him, he could only hop from place to place with one leg. Looking at his very pale face, I guessed he would not be able to work that day, so I approached him to find out what happened. He pointed to his injured toe with great pain. I looked at his toe for a while and noticed that not only was his toe nail ripped off, but his blood kept gushing out continuously. Even though the factory floor was very dirty, he worked there without wearing shoes! I told myself, should his wound be infected, it would be a serious matter! His condition could deteriorate. Consequently, I brought in two low stools. I told him to sit down on one stool and raise his leg with the injured toe on the other stool, so as to enable me to apply Cosmique Therapy on him with greater comfort …

As the injured toe was very painful and dirty, I applied the remote healing technique which I learnt in Level 1 and Level 2, hoping this will be able to reduce or relieve the pain. I placed both my palms about 2 inches above the injured toe and began the treatment…. After applying the treatment for a mere 5 minutes, I noticed that his pale face gradually turned reddish and his painful facial expression diminished. I continued with Cosmique treatment for about an additional 10 minutes…

What amazed me most was that at the end of the Cosmique Therapy session, he told me that the pain was gone! However, I was still very worried and suspicious over his response. So, I asked him to tell the truth should the pain persist and not just to please me or to make me happy! However, he kept on telling me that he hardly felt any pain now. In order to reaffirm his condition, he purposely moved his injured toe just to prove it to me.

After seeing him being able to move about freely, I felt much relieved! After the treatment, I asked him to cleanse the injured toe with water. When he did that, I noticed that his face did not show the slightest expression of pain at all!

Cosmique Therapy is indeed too amazing to believe! A brief treatment by Cosmique Therapy for a few minutes can truly achieve great and wonderful results! I sincerely hope that all the Cosmique clans will apply the great energy of the universe to heal oneself and to heal the world!

‘Yuan Man Ji Xiang’

DATE: 20-9-08

Cosmique Therapy enhances hyperplasia and circulation of blood

When I first encountered Cosmique Therapy through Master Mindy Chua, it was by coincidence and I didn’t expect significant changes. In July this year, I attended Basic Cosmique Therapy Levels 1 and 2. Today, the big change in me is attributable to my good faith in Master Mindy Chua.

Back in May last year, I was constantly feeling strangely tired, fatigued and weak, as though I was not getting enough rest or sleep. I thus decided to do a medical check-up at the hospital, where I was diagnosed to have extremely low red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, etc. The doctors confirmed that I suffered from chronic leukemia. At that moment, I suddenly felt that life was meaningless to me…

At that point in time, my physical condition was extremely bad and the seriousness of the anemia was frightening. My face was pale and I constantly felt very cold. The whole pace of my life had been disrupted. I was unable to work. Furthermore, I was really worried and scared as my children are still very young. The unforgettable moment was when I had to wear a thick layer of warm clothing wherever I went. Even on a hot day, I dared not take a cold bath because my hands and feet would suffer from coldness and my body would tremble uncontrollably.

After learning Cosmique Therapy, I practiced its techniques every day. In August, Master Mindy Chua arranged for me to receive special treatment using Colour Therapy From Level 4 students. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all members and in particular to sis Wen Li Mei who continuously provided such treatment to me, “Yuan Man Ji Xiang”. . .

From September onwards, I started to practice the Cosmique Energizing 养炁techniques three times a day and applied the cosmique therapy treatment to myself twice a day. Every time while I was practicing the Cosmique Energizing technique, I felt my head become heavy as though an object was pressing on it. Additionally, I also felt spinning of hot air around the area of my lungs and slowly moving towards the head. Subsequently, my facial appearance slowly improved. My medical indicators also improved from the earlier medical examination - My red blood cells improved from 3.5 to 3.85 and my hemoglobin levels rose from the previous 10.0 to the current 12.4. My intake of medication was also significantly reduced from 4 doses to only 1 dose. My health condition seems to have improved to be back as normal.

After I had personally experienced the miracle of Cosmique Therapy, I began to give such treatment to those patients who had similar sufferings as I. Once, when I was at the Mantap Hospital of Kuala Lumpur for a medical review, I noticed that one of the patients who was admitted there appeared to be in critical pain. He was panting heavily, speechless and writhing in pain. He looked very young. Upon asking his family, I came to know that he was actually suffering from acute leukemia.

In the spirit of all members of the Cosmique clans, I offered therapy to him. At that time, I applied P1 + lung and P1 + heart for 10 minutes respectively. Being able to see his condition gradually improve, my feelings then are hard to describe in words. All of a sudden, I realized that the world is colourful and there is always hope in life.

After nearly a month, my condition has stabilized. Next week, I will have to do a medical review again in the hospital. I hope that my white blood cells will return to normal levels so that I can stop taking medication, and more importantly, I can return to work.

Thank you to Master Mindy Chua! Thank you to Cosmique Therapy! I hope that more people will benefit from Cosmique therapy.

‘Yuan Man Ji Xiang’

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