Master Mindy Chua
Master Mindy Chua’s quest in ‘Cosmique Therapy’…..
  • In 2001, Master Mindy Chua won a gold medal in the world championship of the ‘Huang’s Tai-Chi Tournament’ in Singapore.
  • In 2003, she released an educational VCD on ‘The 37 Styles of Tai-Chi’ for worldwide publication.
  • Master Mindy Chua is also an experienced Tai-Chi Master who founded ‘Tai Chi Zhi Lin’ practice centre to promote Tai-Chi in Kuching.
  • On 9th June, 2004, the first Cosmique Therapy class was held in her hometown Kota Bahru in Kelantan.
  • From 2004 till today, Master Mindy Chua has received overwhelming invitations from all parts of the world to conduct workshops on Cosmique Therapy. Besides vigorous development throughout Malaysia, Cosmique Therapy has now extended its reach to other countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Australia, Italy etc.
  • During these 4 years, Master Mindy Chua has garnered more than twenty thousand members for the Cosmique Clan. Furthermore, there are also more than 40 ‘Cosmique Therapy Power Points’ or Healing Centres in Malaysia to provide free Cosmique Therapy treatments to those who are sick.
  • She has nurtured thousands of Level 3 & 4 volunteers to lend their hands towards the needy and has successful assisted hundreds of thousands of needy people.
Till today, the development of Cosmique Therapy has healed thousands and
thousands of people with different kinds of sicknesses
and health problems.

Master Mindy Chua, who has helped to regain the health and the
lives of thousands has won the highest respect and admiration of all members of the Cosmique Clan
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