9 Main Cosmique Point

7. Cosmique P7

Focus for Cosmique Specialist Class – ‘Sex Enhancement’

  1. Sex Enhancement’ is a class used to assist patients who have Sexual System Dysfunction. Beside this, it can also relieve some female problems due to aging, such as Metroptosis, Relaxed Vagina Outlet, Hemorrhoids, Prolapse of Anus (Archoptosis) etc.
  2. Cosmique P7 is the main source of universal life energy. During this special class, the Cosmique Therapy will be given greater emphasis on the sublimation of spiritual intelligence.

8. Cosmique P8

Through Cosmique Therapy, negative and foul energies from the human body are expelled via these two Cosmique points P8 that are located at the centres of both sores.

9. Cosmique P9
Through the two points P9 that are located on both palms, a pair of white energy ray cover which creates exclusive cosmique shields will protect members of Cosmique Clan from receiving negative energies while giving treatments to the sick and needy.

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