9 Main Cosmique Point

With the 9 main points on your body:

1. Whenever there is Migraine, Insomnia, Fever, inflammation or pain in the bones and spine,

Heal your Cosmique P1

  1. P1 is the key point used in First Aid, especially for strokes or emergencies!
  2. P1 can be used to relieve all kinds of pain!
2. Whenever, there is Dizziness, Meniere Disease (Ear Water Imbalance), Hormone Imbalance, Forgetfulness.

Heal your Cosmique P2
  1. P2 can be used to relieve depressions, emotional disorders and Bipolar Disorder’s patients.
  2. P2 can be used to assist babies who are suffered from Acute Infantile Convulsions

3. Whenever there is Nasal Allergies, Paranasal Sinus, Asthma, Pneumonia, lung water, All Kinds of Skin Diseases, Skin Allergies,

Heal your Cosmique P3
  1. P3 can relieve sicknesses such as flu, cough, particularly nose allergies.
  2. P3 is the main healing point for Shoulder Pole Gland Inflammation. (With Body Aura fine -tuning technique)

4. Whenever there is Heart Diseases, Myocardial Infarction, Irregular Heart Beat, Arteriosclerosis, Condensed Blood / Thick Blood, High Cholesterol, Anemia, Sweating,

Heal your Cosmique P4
  1. Occasional channeling of cosmique energy through P4 can prevent strokes.
  2. High Blood Pressure patients are advised to use heal and ‘Zhu Mai’ (Syllabus in Level 3) on P4 every day to relieve the symptoms.

5. Whenever there is Diabetes, Gallstone, Urate (Urine Acid), Flatus (Stomach Flu), Gastric Juice, Excretion, Digestion, Cholesterol Problem,

Heal Your Cosmique P5
  1. Countless diabetic patients have their blood sugar level lowered through treatment on P5.
  2. Back Pain and Nocturia (Night Urine) with healing on P5 for 10 minutes every day have shown great improvements.

6. Whenever there is Male Physiology, Reproductive System Dysfunction, Prostate Gland Problem, Constipation, Female Gynecological Distress, Menstrual Irregularity, Menstrual Pain, Uterus Tumors, Reproductive System Diseases, Menopause.

Heal Your Cosmique P6
  1. For Constipation: P1 + P6
  2. To improve all kinds of female’s Uterus Tumors: P6 + Abdomen ‘Zhua Qi’ (Removing negative energy)

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